Finland’s Got Talent

When I saw an advertisement saying they were searching for performers to participate in Talent Finland on Finnish TV channel “Nelonen”, it was just a brain fart to fill the application form in the net. If you never try, you will never know what could happen! My mother actually threatened to move to Sweden if I ever took part in the competition.

I knew my funny skill is quite rare, but when I filled in the application form I absolutely did not believe I would even be among the 120 that were chosen for the audition. Even less did I believe that I would eventually win! I just thought to try what happens – and it went amazingly well!

The filming days were very long and tiring but participating in the competition was a magnificent experience after all. The atmosphere between us competitors was really good and the staff “behind the cameras” was very supportive, too. Thanks to everyone that supported me during the competition!

By the way, my mom’s living in Finland after all…

Find some pictures of me in the gallery.